Welcome to Bengarlis Bengals

Bengarlis Bengals breed outstanding Bengals from award winning Sires and Queens. We are located in Melbourne, Australia.

I have own, shown and bred the wonderful Bengal for more 20 years (since 1991). We were known initially as Australis and are now known as Bengarlis.

We brought the first & original pair of Bengals into Australia. Glamourcats Roosevelt (F4) and Leopardline Bettina (F3)who came imported from Jean Mills (USA), they gave us only 2 litters.

Their daughters Australis Chelsea Blue, Sunbright and Ladybird were the ambassadors, along with our English imports Starwinds Dynamic Design and Starwinds Golden Aura, were the first Bengals in Australia to be registered with the governing council, and so the registered Bengal in Australia finally had acceptance as a registered purebred.

One of the most terrifying experiences would have to be having the Bengal cat road tested on Burkes Backyard. Between 13 mischievous bengals,camera crew, lighting crew, director and staff – throw in 4 curious children and half the primary school and you have chaos waiting to happen – quite an experience. But again we endured.

As the children grew and departed, and returned, and departed, our family multiplied to include Jasmine,Jay and Alexis,the elder of our Grandchildren Jasmine (12) loves every aspect of my beloved Bengals,over the years she’s graduated from dressing them up and doing fashion shows in our lounge room, to helping me prepare the cats/kittens for their own Catshows which she loves to attend and listen to the comments the judges say about her much loved “Furkids”.both Jasmine and Jay both like to help name the kittens ie.Leonardo,Shreader,Bert,Ernie and Jasmine’s Princess to name a few.Alexis(15 mths) is much younger and is still learning how to pat the cats gently and gives them lots of “luvs” (sloppy kisses),she will play with the kittens as the chase each other around the house for hours,until all drop from exhaustion,It’s lovely to see the next generation being taught by their parents just how special our “Furkids” are to us,they are so very much a part of the their childhood,the catshows,the kittens AND the litter trays!!!!

Our love for the Bengal and the wonderful experiences that have delighted many happy homes has been a very forefilling experience. One of our British imports Starwinds Dynamic Design lived with us for over 15 years and only last year went on to Cat heaven,over the years he gave us some amazing kittens,we still have one of his daughters Bengarlis By Design and two of her daughter Bengarlis Kiss n Keep and Bengarlis Heart Throb.

Our aim has always been to produce beautiful bengals.Even as an experienced breeder it is impossible to predict what sex,color and type of kitten produced. We strive for excellence, not only for type but temperment , and the luxurious, glittered pelt that is highly desired.

Our kittens are raised indoors and under foot and are well socialized with children and animals.

As kittens are born they are posted on our web site,for all to share in watching them go through their various changes. Pet quality kittens are some times available and come fully vetted and de sexed. Show/Breeding quality also come fully vetted. For prices and availability,please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phil McDonald
mobile:0425 727 848


  1. Beris Markakis said,

    January 24, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    What a great website, thanks so much for letting me have one of your beautiful girls for my breeding program. Beris M.

  2. Sue Battye said,

    April 18, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    Thanks Phil for our beautiful girl Bronte aka Destina she has fitted in with our dogs wonderfully well and I am sure she will be keeping them in line very shortly as well as helping to train our Seeing Eye Dog puppies.
    What a wonderful addition to our household
    Thanks again

  3. Sue Battye said,

    November 14, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    Thankyou again Phil for another beautiful Girl Chardy after losing our wonderful Bronte we were heartbroken, but Chardy is worming her way in to our hearts and helping to mend them also that of the Seeing Eye dogs who she is keeping in line even though she is such a tiny dot. Wandering around their legs and playing with their tails then if they get too cheeky she just hisses and walks away leaving them looking after her.
    She has fitted in so well it is like she has been here forever not just a couple of weeks.
    Thanks again Phil for breeding such wonderful and loving Bengals

  4. Kim & Tony Courtier said,

    March 2, 2008 at 9:23 am

    Hi Phil, We would like to say , thankyou you so so much for our new addition to our family, Baby is wonderful. he is doing so well. After loosing Poo i thought I would never get over him , but you came to my rescue and showed me Baby….. We love him …. thanks again darling . love K&T

  5. Emily said,

    March 14, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you again for Bernard (formally ‘True Grit’) he’s been an absolute wonder. He’s adapted perfectly with our home and family. He’s got the dog sorted but him and our lorikeet still aren’t to sure about each other. He’s very adventurous and explores all morning, has a long nap in the afternoon and then more exploring at night. Although we’ve had him for almost four months now he still discovers something new everyday and is fascinated by almost anything.

    Thanks so much,
    Em and the family

  6. June 11, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    HI Phil
    Just wanted to let you know that the gorgeous Brazen Beauty aka HUSSY has fitted into our family perfectly,, the children have named her Lila, and man does she keep us on our toes, a total energy ball, sings the house down at all hours and believe it or not loves to play ball i throw she fetches, my other half has nicknamed her dog.
    thanks again so much for all the wonderful advice
    noelene and family

  7. Chris Middendorp said,

    March 22, 2011 at 10:23 am

    Hi Phil
    Thought you might like to know that Dippa and Miss Ellie have both settled in beautifully. We moved to Mackay QLD about eight months ago and they have their own playhouse where they spend hours just playing and mucking around outside which is very safe and secure. Ellie came into call a couple of times and as we new we would be moving within a year decided to have her spayed, she is a lot happier for that decision. Thanks again for our beautiful babies.


    Chris & Peter

  8. trudy said,

    November 26, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Hi Phil
    I have never met you, but l own one of your gorgeous bengals, I have owned cats in the past, never a Bengal until 4 months ago. My sister owns a Bengal gorgeous cat, when l saw her cat l knew l wanted one. One day the lady that l work with asked me if l was interested in buying a cat, l asked her what sort of cat, and she said a Bengal, l couldn’t believe it when she said a Bengal, l said yes, my god that is the cat breed that l wanted, l asked the reason the cat wasn’t wanted, and she said her son is selling because the wife was expecting a baby, and that she had the cat and he had been with her for a week, but couldn’t look after him. so she brought him into work, and l swear it was love at first sight, gorgeous stunning boy aged 5 months l said yes straight away. My partner picked me up from work no idea that l had just brought a cat, I told him how much l paid he freaked out a little bit until he saw him, like me love at first sight. We have had our boy Oska for nearly 5 months and he is our baby. Very spoilt l must say, can be naughty, but l wouldn’t have it any other way. And Oska is very affectionate, we play hide and seek so funny and so so smart. I only just received Oska’s registration form yesterday and he was named Bengarlis Keepin Score, the prior owner named him Luke, l changed his name, because l lost a son called Luke, so that is why l named him Oska and it suits him and he knows his name. I am so glad they didn’t want him, we love him so much, I will have to come and meet you one day Phil, l am only in Preston, maybe in the near future I can purchase a friend for Oska .
    sincerely Trudy

  9. Unhappy Customer said,

    August 14, 2021 at 7:25 pm

    Hi Phil,
    no hate but i really don’t like you because 5 years ago, you sold us a cat. BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM. Soooo, 5 years ago, we bought a beautiful Bengal cat. Obviously, we asked for the microchip details to formally buy our cat. At the time, you said that you would SOON. Right, of course! 5 years later, you have still not given us the details. One of our 2 cats has lost the ability to be outside and freely explore without anyone watching because of YOU. Thanks so much! UGHHHH
    To think that one of your policies is to be honest and trusting towards your customers and being so shameless is disgusting!!! At the time i was around 8. After I realised you would never give the details, i spent 2 years to find your website. And finally, I have found it. Your customers won’t like this will they! No offense but you are a shameless, lying and disgusting cheat who will stall a microchip password for 5 years and going. You should not be in business and have no right to scam your once loyal customers!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

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