“VADER” is a cool brown charcoal with the blackest of black markings and his large inky spots are starting to rosette out already (at 12 weeks old),he has been here 4 days at the time of writing this and is already behaving like “The Chosen One”,he has such an easy going nature, i ‘ve already had him out in the garden for a stroll and he walked on the harness as if he’d done it all before,chatting away to me as he explored the garden beds,plants,ponds and the FISH! He was fascinated by the water and had no fear of it all and kept returning to the pond area intrigued by the fish (just as well he had his harness and lead on) We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and i took some lovely pics to upload to the webpage to share with you. (And to send to his Mum/Breeder).

We returned to his Breeder/Mum to once again purchase our newest sire ‘Sancheita Dark Vader” from Julie Menadue (Sancheita Bengals) in South Australia  already having another of her amazing boys “Sancheita Do Me Justice” ,both these boys have been wonderfully bred and have that easy going,laid back nature that Julie is famous for.

“Vader”is the 1st born Charcoal  son of the stunningly handsome,Charcoal  U.S.A. import “Beenspotted Dougie Oz”(the 1st Charcoal to Aust) who i had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year when he was here in Melbourne and i was fascinated by his unusual Charcoal coloring and his blacker than black markings,his stunning eye color,glittered from head to toe and an amazingly soft pelt, but his fabulous apricot colored under body left me speechless!! (not an easy task!)

“Vader’s”, dam “Bandit Evanescence” (F7) is a beautiful,wild looking, brown spotted/rosetted queen and her litter to Charcoal  U.S.A. import “Beenspotted Dougie Oz” is her 1st.

 ** UPDATE*** “Vader’s” been a hit with the girls and has already sired some stunning kittens amongst them a young girl we have retained “Bengarlis Vader’s Goddess”.His kittens have the boldest of markings and have a “Wild” look about them , he has passed along amongst so many other lovely qualities his wonderful,easy going nature..I could’nt be happier with this young prince.

We are indeed very fortunate to have this special young boy here with us and cannot thank his breeder and our dear friend Julie enough, for this charming young prince and the opportunity to once again blend our treasured bloodlines,”Julie we are blessed to be able to call you our friend”.




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