A short video about Bengal cats

The video below is from The Ideal Companion: A DVD Guide to Cat Breeds. It’s described as an indispensable “visual guidebook,” not just for prospective cat owners, but for cat lovers in general.

Produced in cooperation with North America’s top breeders, the DVD provides insights into the history, temperament, sociability and life span of 20 different breeds of cats. It includes colourful charts that indicate brushing requirements and detail how active and vocal each breed tends to be, and a special section with valuable tips on what to look for when choosing a kitten.

I have not seen the whole video, but I thought this part on the Bengal cat was worth sharing.

Choosing a Bengal

Claire Robson has very good advice on choosing a Bengal cat over at this Bengal cat webzine. Advice like the following:

Is a Bengal right for you?
The first question you must ask yourself is – why do you want a Bengal? Are you looking for a family pet, a show cat, a “wild animal in the home”, a companion for an invalid, an apartment cat, or are you thinking of breeding Bengals? You need to examine your reasons for buying a Bengal carefully before spending four hundred pounds or much more on an animal with very specific needs.


…it is important that you buy from a breeder that you feel comfortable with and whose advice you value. Your breeder should act as your mentor whilst your new Bengal is settling in and will be able to help with any problems that might arise. Genuine breeders will be dedicated to their cats and will be keen to know what happens to them after they leave their care. Some breeders keep their cats in the home, others in catteries or in a combination of these. However they are kept, the Bengals should be friendly, well socialised and healthy, with shiny fur, clean bottoms and bright eyes.

You can read more of the article here.