Our  Bengarlis Bengals sires have been chosen for their temperatement, outstanding features, clarity of markings, and their luxurious pelt.

Our current sires are,


“Click for more pics”

“Click for more pics”







aka ELVIS)

“We did’nt need another sire but when “ELVIS” become available we decided to add him to our breeding program as i have admired him since his arrival into Australia nearly 18 months ago and wished that i’d seen him 1st and brought him over myself,all the time thinking that he’d produce sensational kittens mated to the beautiful daughters i have retained from “SANCHEITA DO ME JUSTICE”.

I’m looking forward to seeing his kittens and wish the girls would start being maternal and settle down and start their families,i guess “ELVIS” will win their hearts before too long,i’ll keep you updat

ed on any wedding plans 🙂 P

*** UPDATE *** I have retired “Elvis” and was extremely pleased with the qualities he passed along to his kittens and have retained some stunning daughters “Bengarlis Rockstar’s Wannabe” a blue, spotted girl with lovely rosettes and a clear background. Ch.”Bengarlis Centre Stage” has jsut finished her successful show career and has joined our breeding program ,their sister “Bengarlis Just Shameless” is at present one of my show team and has done very well on her 1st two outings and she absolutely loves all the attention and admiration from all who meet her.I also have 2 lovely brown spotted  girls from his 2nd last mating which i’m thinking of retaining.He’s loving retirement.




“DO ME’ came to us from Julie at “SANCHEITA BENGALS” in South Australia and has settled in very well from the moment he arrived,very much a Prince to all around him as he’s very quick to tell the other kittens! He is a stunningly marked kitten with lots of glitter and the softest of pelts,his personallity has amazed me,what a beautifully handled “Furkid”,sorry Julie but he’s not missing you at all!

Thank you ! Thank you!  Julie for parting with this handsome young Prince,he is loved by all who meet him,we will post more pics soon

“UPDATE”….DO ME’S,a Dad!!! and has more than met our expectations of him as a sire,he has produced some stunning kittens and is a real Ladies man!The girls adore him and he loves every minute of all their attentions,Everyone that has met DO ME comments on his fantastic nature and his huge rosettes,then when the pat him, they are amazed at his sensational pelt,

We have retained a daughter “DO ME’S DIVA”(now with Lisa from BENGALAURA BENGALS),who also has her half sister BENGARLIS JUST DELIGHTFUL who is doing well at the shows. Stunningly handsome son (YUKI) living with Monica and Cheryl under the alias of Simba and is winning at the shows.Another beautiful daughter “BENGARLIS ZEUS”has her 1st show in N.S.W. and we look forward to hearing from Janice how she goes.We also have retained 3 other  stunners “BENGARLIS DO ME’S DESIGN” ,”BENGARLIS SHE’S GOT IT”  and “BENGARLIS HEY GOOD LOOKING” all of which have had their 1st show season.He has produced a wonderful batch of kittens in his 1st season,we are indeed very happy with our handsome prince.

This season we have kept another beautiful daughter “BENGARLIS MISS PURRFECT” who has just had her 1st show and hated every moment of it and protested all day at the top of her lungs,we won’t be showing her after all,i have realized that she’s just too spoiled and used of having her own way to be contained in a cage while her humans just disobey and refuse to hear her protests!Some cats/kittens love being shown off and strutting their stuff others would rather be doing their own thing at home.

I have also retained a beautifully rosetted daughter of “BENGARLIS KISS ‘N’ KEEP’ “BENGARLIS MARDI GRAS and a blue daughter of “BENGARLIS PARIS” “BENGARLIS JUST DOLLY”,another stunning daughter of “Do Me’s” and “Kiss “n” Keeps” BENGARLIS TOUCHDOWN” is with Russell and has her 1st Royal Melbourne Show this year.

As we retained so many beautiful daughters from “Do Me” i decided to desex and retire him as a 2 year old and let him have the life as a pampered companion ,i have been breeding Bengals for many years and have yet to meet the likes of this wonderful boy,his excellent trusting nature always made him a pleasure to have around and i miss him much more than i thought i would but he’s happy and that means a great deal to me.

I will be forever grateful to Julie for sending ‘Do Me” over the border to me and i know she’s very proud of his achievements.




Starwinds Dynamic Design

Imported from the United Kingdom Starwinds Dynamic Design has been a valued part of our breeding program.


  1. Jan Cox said,

    June 24, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    It is without a doubt a priviledge and honour to know Phil from Bengarlis Bengals and his partner Michael. Phil is the most honest, considerate,sincere fellow breeder I have ever met. His values and the love he has for his cats mirror my own values and my expectations of him as a person far exceed whatever I could have imagined. As far as our breeding programs go there is no stopping what we can achieve together. We will be a force to be reckoned with, so watch out for the Bengarlis and Chantay Bengals because we are here to stay 🙂 Love you guys x x x x

  2. McShanag Clan said,

    March 25, 2012 at 8:17 am

    OMG Phil … your boys are gorgeous. Look forward to seeing pics of the beautiful kittens. Love Daryl, Mary & Co. xoxo

  3. December 28, 2015 at 11:44 am

    I have adopted Bengarlis Vegas Showgirl. She has had two owners and the last one, Liz from Geelong couldn’t keep her because with her job she was away from home and Vegas spent a lot of time in a cattery. She now lives with us in Sebastopol, with her brother Leonardo a brown spotted, and four other moggies. I was excited to see her Sire’s photo. ‘Elvis’ Do you have a photo of her mother Bengarlis Kiss ‘n’ keep. Vegas is gorgeous. Thanks,
    Meredith Jacobs-Smith- Sebastopol Vic.

  4. David said,

    March 31, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    I have a Amazing male bengal he looks like Elvises twin with the colour of DO ME Justice he appears to have all your sires in his pedigree
    We started to show him at 14 months of age he has shocked them at the shows with his out standing nature making champion in only two shows and from 8th best in show to Reserve Champion in his last many Thanks for his outstanding breeding of such a great natured cat
    Thanks Dave from Bullsbrook western Australia

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